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LHY Audio OCK-1 top angled internal view

LHY Audio OCK-1


The OCK-1 is equipped with Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO), it is highly precise, accurate and far superior compared to traditional SPXO Femto Clock. Output Freq: 10.000000MHz. 

Spotted with three(3) sets of Buffered Clock Output at the rear panel. All outputs are active simultaneously and can be connected to multiple devices. 

  • Designed and hand-built by highly skilled electronics crews by LHY Audio

  • Purpose built for High End Audio System


The chassis of the OCK-1 is made of High Quality Aluminium with 8mm thick front panel. The chassis is grounded to earth to reduce potential interference. 


The unit is small, with overall dimension 130W x 270D x 65H (mm), it can be fitted on the rack or stack on top of the component. 


Filtered AC Mains stepped down by an High Quality Multicomp/Noratel AC Transformer, Rectified DC further Regulated by Low Drop Out (LDO) Regulators to supply Ultra-Low-Noise (<uV) to the OCXO. A separate LDO supply to the Buffer Circuitry. 

High Precision Buffered Output (3 Sets) at 10.000000MHz can be connected simultaneously to three(3) devices for synchronisation.

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