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LHY Audio OCK-2 top internal view

LHY Audio OCK-2


The OCK-2 is equipped with Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO), it is highly precise, accurate and far superior compared to traditional SPXO Femto Clock. Output Freq: 10.000000MHz

Spotted with six(6) sets of Buffered Clock Output at the rear panel. All outputs are active simultaneously and can be connected to multiple devices. 


  • Designed and hand-built by highly skilled electronics crews by LHY Audio

  • Purpose built for High End Audio System

  • User Configurable Output Impedance 50Ω/75Ω


The chassis of OCK-2 is milled out of an Aluminium Block. Three(3) compartments spotted within the chassis to segregate the AC mains, DC regulators, and the Master Clock motherboard


Filtered AC Mains stepped down by an High Quality Encapsulated Talema AC Transformer, Rectified DC further Regulated by Low Drop Out (LDO) Regulators to supply Ultra-Low-Noise (<uV) to the OCXO. Two separate LDO supply to the Buffer Circuitry. 

High Precision Buffered Output (6 Sets) at 10.000000MHz can be connected simultaneously to six(6) devices for synchronisation.

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