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Hello- Todd here in Texas USA, the "T" of TEK Audio Specialties :) I'm a senior electrical engineer, MTS level by now. Having worked mostly in the semiconductor space, lately focused on helping major OEM's develop notebook PCs. With an interesting several years at a major research institution doing engine research and supporting advanced research projects with regulatory agencies.

However audio is a passion in the TEK DNA. My first high end system was a Linn/Naim analog system back in the early 1980's. Ultimately the  passion for achieving better sound began the transition into hard core DIY and improving the electronic circuits, parts and wiring.

Which by now has blossomed even further into full blown design of high end audio electronics- linear open loop circuits, power amplifier, preamplifier, DAC, etc.

We are very pleased to be partnering with the great people of Vinshine Audio and Beatechnik to provide North America service of Denafrips gear and for sales and service of Jay's Audio and Kinki Studios.

Note please, this website is new and still a work in progress. we do appreciate and thank you for your patience.

We will be adding more here, including blogging about interesting audio topics and developments and projects etc as time permits. There is in fact a lot happening.

The audio outlook is bright here at TEK; now where are those cool shades ;) We thank you for your business!

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