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Kinki Studio Sparkos SS3601 Discrete Op Amp top view

Sparkos SS3601 Discrete Op Amp


All of Sparkos Labs discrete op amps are based on Lin 3 Stage topology consisting of an input stage differential pair, a gain (VAS) stage, and an output stage all biased in class A mode with two pole compensation.  All active devices are Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs) for the greatest linearity and agility that any silicon device has to offer.   The devices are fully protected from over current conditions by active current limit circuitry in the output and gain stages, as well as being protected from large differential input voltages by back to back high-speed schottky diodes across the inputs.



  • Full Data Sheet Available.
  • 140 dB Open Loop Gain.
  • 415nV RMS (2.9nV√HZ) Noise to 20KHZ.
  • +/- 18 Vcc Max.
  • 15mA Class A Output Current.
  • 65mA Max Output Current.
  • 14mA Supply Current.
  • < 300µV Typical Offset.


  • Best Op Amp For Amplifying Audio Signals.
  • Available In Single Or Dual.
  • DIP8 Compatible Package.
  • Circular Machined Gold Plated Pins.
  • Smallest Discrete Op Amp On The Market.
  • 100% Class A Biasing.
  • Two Pole Compensation.
  • NPO Capacitors.
  • 1% Metal Film Resistors.
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