JAY'S AUDIO, a high-end CD Transport, and CD Player manufacturer, believes in CD is the best way to reproduce music. The exceptional sound quality of JAY'S AUDIO CDT/P wins many audiophile hearts especially the price and performance ratio is simply unbeatable. 


The CDT3-MK3 is a result of years of experience in making. It is THE ultimate CD Transport with Jay's Audio Tuned Philips CDPro2-LF Mechanism


  • Design Highlights

     CDPRO2 LF Mechanism 

    - Warm and mellow, good musicality, analog taste, rich in details, large in dynamics, stable and complete sound field scale

    - Built-in high-precision ultra-low phase noise advanced constant temperature clock, sterling silver clock signal cable

    -Multi-stages EMI AC power module, built-in 5 Talema Encapsulated transformers

    -Multiple groups of large pond capacitor filter capacity up to 150000uf

    -Multiple sets of ultra-low noise and high-precision linear power supplies provide independent power supply to the movement, rubidium clock and output circuit respectively

    -US Made SCIENTIFIC CONVERSION-HIEND level with shielded audio digital cow SC947-02LF output

    -Master clock input and output ports

    -High-precision CNC processing fully shielded optical head board and separate independent power supply room to isolate interference

    -Swiss SCHURTER power socket

    -Original Norwegian Soundcare Superspikes shock absorber feet

    -High-precision carbon fiber all-metal high-precision tray shaft provides better stability and comprehensive sound enhancement


  • Supported Formats

    • Redbook CD, CDR, CDR/W only**


  • Note

    * * The dimmeable display may turn on where there is a signal to trigger it to turn on; the signal can be a remote control signal, or an internal processor signal. It is normal and shall not be viewed as a defect.

    ** Redbook CD transport only. Doesn't support HDCD/SACD/DSD



  • Specifications

    Digital Output: COAX (RCA/BNC) 2v @ 75ohm ; AES/EBU 5V @110ohm, HDMI i2s LVDS, RJ45 i2s LVCMOS

    Sampling Rate: 44.1kHz, 176.4kHz

    AC Power: 110V/230V

    Dimension: 450mm x 380mm x 150mm

    Weight: 22KG

    Warranty: 12 months

  • Warranty

    Warranty: 12 months from date of purchase.


    Defects Within RMA
    First 30 Days Jay's Audio to bear both way shipping fee.
    Within 1st Year Customer to bear one way shipping fee. Jay's Audio covers the return shipping fee.
    Within Warranty Period Customer to bear both way shipping fee. Jay's Audio to repair at free of charge.


  • Shipping

    Shipping: Free Shipping Worldwide!

  • Important Note

    Products sold from unauthorized sources like eBay/AliExpress do not carry a warranty from Jay's Audio / Beatechnik. We cannot guarantee the unauthorized sources' product origin, whether it is previously used, refurbished or counterfeit. The product may not be as described and/or performed as per the product listing.


    Please purchase from the authorized source or from our Flagship Store here. All products are shipped in Jay's Audio original packaging and accessories with warranty support.


    If you are in doubt, please reach out to us.