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LHY Audio SW-10

LHY Audio SW-10


A brainchild of exclusive collaboration of Beatechnik x LHY Audio, the SW-10 is designed for critical audiophiles who seek ultimate performance and refinement of High Resolution Digital Music Streaming.  

  • Designed and hand-built by highly skilled electronics crews by LHY Audio

  • Purpose built for High End Audio Systems

  • Master Clock 10MHz Input / Output for Advanced Users

  • Engineered by Audiophiles for Audiophiles


The chassis of SW-10 is milled out of an Aluminium Block measured 307Wx257Dx60H mm. 


Three(3) compartments spotted within the chassis to segregate the AC mains, DC regulators, and the Ethernet Switch main board.


  • Filtered AC Mains stepped down by two 15W Encapsulated Tamale AC Transformers, Rectified DC further Regulated by Multi-stages of Low Drop Out (LDO) Regulators Linear Technology LT3042+PNP to supply Ultra-Low-Noise (<uV) to the OCXO, DC12V for the Ethernet Switch. 
  • Reclock Ethernet Data Stream by High quality SC-CUT Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator of OCK-2' quality with ultra low noise PLL circuitry and MCLK 10MHz In/Out via two BNC connectors. 
  • The  SW-10 is the High Performance Ethernet Switch designed for High-Res Music Streaming. 
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